Saturday, 17 February 2007


Ep. 11
Chae-kyeong insists on riding her horse alone even though the court ladies try everything in their power to dissuade her. While riding her horse she accidentally runs into a stranger in the palace who turns out to be princess Hye-myeong, Shin’s older sister. Shin is happy to see his sister, whom he hasn’t seen for a long time and uncharacteristically shows his softer side to her, telling her his deepest thoughts.
The paparazzi photos of Hyo-rin and Shin get reported in the Thai newspapers. The Empress sees the newspaper and gets angry at Shin. Chae-kyeong also finds out about it and gets angry at herself for missing Shin while he was away in Thailand, not knowing that he was with Hyo-rin. Chae-kyeong and Hyo-rin run into each other at school and Chae-kyeong asks her about what really happened in Thailand between the two, but instead of showing a sorry attitude Hyo-rin shows a very dignified attitude causing Chae-kyeong to faint in front of her friends.

Ep. 12
Shin tells Chae-kyeong that he is going to withdraw from being Crowned Prince, and she starts to feel frustrated because she does not know his true feelings. Chae-kyeong tries her best to get closer to him but the more she tries the more frustrated and angry she gets through finding traces of Hyo-rin. Eventually she gets into a fight with Shin and breaks into tears.
In the palace the plans for the restoration of Prince Yool’s power are in their final stages and Hwa-young and Yool get ready to move back into the palace. The entrance of a new power figure starts to create a division between people of the court over whom they are going to be loyal to, and the Empress and Hwa-young are busy keeping each other in check. The Empress Dowager, who has the final power in deciding whether or not the powers get restored to Hwa-young and Yool, doesn’t know whether giving them the power is the right thing to do or not. Yool and Shin bump into each other in the palace and start a nerve war.
Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager takes Chae-kyeong to Cheju Island to attend a formal royal event

Ep. 13
The Empress Dowager, Shin and Chae-kyeong go on a little road trip around Cheju. Shin and Chae-kyeong try everything they can to cheer up the Empress Dowager.The kids at school start looking at Yool through different eyes when they see his new style.Meanwhile, the Empress is busy keeping her eyes on Hwa-young, who has moved into the palace. Hwa-young, scolds the Crown Princess for being lazy and for forgetting about her role and responsibilities as the Crown Princess.
After the pictures of Hyo-rin and Shin have been revealed to the public, bad rumors of Shin and Chae-kyeong start to go around. Worried, the adults of the family gather to discuss a plan to stop them before they get any bigger. They decide to have the couple get into the bridal bed.Having no idea of the plan, Shin drinks some medicine that he was told is good for his body and Chae-kyeong gets all dressed up. Chae-kyeong sits in a room with her court ladies wondering what in the world is going on when she hears Shin coming into the room.

After hearing about the couple getting into bed together Yool runs over to see Chae-kyeong. She tells him that nothing happened between her and Shin, and he hugs her, relieved from the unthinkable thought of the two spending the night together. Shin sees this and gets very angry at Yool.Chae-kyeong’s friends get angry at Hyo-rin for starting the rumors and start to criticize her. Chae-kyeong learns a secret about Hyo-rin and starts to feel uncomfortable.Someone leaves a picture inside the Crown Princess’s room. Chae-kyeong is shocked when she sees it and disappears. Shin and Yool soon hear that she has disappeared and instantly go out looking for her.


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